Last Tuesday 13th December the Metcash Host V7 pilot commenced at IGA Meadowbrook QLD. The pilot has now been up and running for 1 week with no interruptions or complications and all tests have been completed successfully. Independent Solutions is the first accredited POS/BOS vendor of Metcash to commence with this pilot.

Host Version 7 is the new Metcash Host which will deliver new features to benefit our retailers including updated product classification, product linking, product grading, Australian made, Country of Origin, random weight, TiHi and GTIN information plus eight-digit product codes.

This current pilot phase will run until the end of February; the next phase will include a sample group of differing size stores and configurations across the Independent Solutions customer base. The Metcash Retail Technology team will be looking to progress to more pilots with all other Metcash BOS vendors in the new year.

This has been yet another great example of the collaborative effort between various Metcash teams and supporting ‘Successful Independents’. A special mention of thanks goes to Jacki, Vicki, Debbie and Nicole from Metcash Retail Technology team and James, Jenny and the Development team from Independent Solutions for onsite and behind the scenes support to ensure the success of the pilot.

Sam Rizk

Thanks to Sam Rizk and from IGA Meadowbrook store for his participation in this pilot program.

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