Parnawarri IGA front entrance

On Thursday 31st August 2017 the new Parnawarri IGA store in Pilbara, WA opened its doors. This store includes 8 lanes with Grocery, a Bakery, Super Deli and large Fresh Produce offering.

The Super Deli features an extensive gourmet cheese section and in its Fresh Produce offering the store has included a ‘value add’ range which includes fruit salads, stir fry packs, stuffed mushrooms, capsicums and zucchinis; all of which are prepared in store by staff.

Other speciality ranges in the store include International foods, Pipi’s seafood, and a Gluten Free range of products.

With no bakery in town the store could not keep up with demand on opening day, with bread, pastries, and fresh rolls produce out of the deli all selling out.

The IGA is located in a new shopping centre in Pilbara; 1200km north of Perth. The shopping centre was recently built by BHP which is in direct competition to Woolworths across the road now allowing for a bit of competition and choice for BHP employees.

The team at Independent Solutions, deployed their Point of Sale solution PROFIT-TRACK™ in the store. Dane Samuel, Armando De Azevedo, Doug Bax from Independent Solutions and Nicole Hogan from Metcash Retail Technology dedicated their time and effort late into the night.

For all your grocery, deli, bakery, fresh produce needs and more visit the store today and while you’re there say hello to the owners Rebecca and Jamie

Parnawarri IGA is located in the Parnawarri Shopping Centre, 1 Lee Lane, Newman, WA.
The store is open Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 8.00pm and Sunday 9.00am to 5.00pm