Reminder Cryptolocker Ransomware Alert – How to prevent virus attacks

As we move into the Christmas holiday period it’s a timely reminder about the increase in virus attack activity. In recent months a number of Independent retailers have been infected with Cryptolocker virus, causing disruption and in some cases ceasing trade.

What is Cryptolocker?

Cryptolocker and other such viruses spread throughout your computer network via an infected email attachment or link. The virus encrypts all files within windows to prevent you from having access to your programs and documents. This virus will prevent you from operating your back office system and can potentially spread to the POS lanes via the network. Other viruses can have similar devastating effects.

Don’t be fooled into paying money to “unlock” your system via links or popups on your screen/email.

Anti-virus software will not protect you from opening a dangerous attachment, so education of all staff is critical.

To prevent virus attacks:

  • Do not open emails from untrusted senders – delete the emails straight away
  • Do not open attachments/links from hoax emails (i.e. from sources appearing to be legitimate such as Australia Post, ANZ Bank etc.) – delete the email
  • Limit browsing of non-essential websites on the back office system
  • Limit connection of USB’s used in connection with your store network (these can bring in a virus from home)

We encourage you to educate ALL of your staff on safe email and internet practices and your store policies. If you think you have been infected, please contact us straight away and turn off your PC, this will prevent the spread of the virus.

Note: Java & Adobe flash updates are ok as these recommended to be kept up to date when prompted by the PC

Do not hesitate to contact our Support team on +61 7 3387 5555 if you need any assistance.