Retail Solutions

Providing a national solution oriented technology partner for independent retailers

Point of Sale Solutions (POS)

PROFIT-TRACK™ is a leading point of sale system for independent retailers providing solutions and support teams to meet your entire business needs.

Back Office Solutions (BOS)

Independent Solutions has established partnerships with a number of hardware suppliers to provide retailers with high quality products.

Multi-Site Solutions

We have developed PROFIT-TRACK™ Store Controller which is designed to provide a group merchandising solution for your business.

Hardware Solutions

We make it easier for you and will make a recommendation based on what the hardware needs are in your store environment.

Retail Security Solution

Independent Solutions has partnered with EOS Australia and Telstra SNP Monitoring to deliver 360iQ – an integrated video security surveillance system for retailers.

Online Shopping

Independent Solutions has partnered with MyFoodlink allowing retailers the ability to offer online shopping capabilities to their customers.

Online Consumables

We have a large range of consumables including shelf-edge tickets, printer labels, mark down labels and thermal roles. Order them here.

If you would like to know more or talk to a Sales team member please call 1800 020 946